Klia2 Taxi

KLIA 2 Taxi

Taxi services are available 24 hours to cater to travellers who are departing from Klia2. Travelers can get taxi services at the Transportation Hub located directly at Level 1 of the Gateway@KLIA2 building. Klia2 Gateway is convenient to locate, however if travellers who are not sure of the location can always  refer to the information counter.



To cater to travellers’ convenience, Klia2 provides 3 types of taxi services available for traveller to choose. Taxi services that are provided are better known as the Coupon Taxi, Metered Taxi and Premier Taxi. Travelers can check on taxi fee stated at the counter as all taxi used in Klia2 are registered to ensure that taxi rates are regulated.

After selecting the preferred taxi services at the taxi counter, travellers can make the payment directly and lookout for “Door 4” to queue up for the taxi. Please take note that there will be an additional 50% fare surcharge from 11:30pm to 6:00am.

Purchasing Official Taxi tickets

klia2 taxi counter

Taxi tickets can be purchased at Taxi ticketing counter at Gateway@klia2 , Level 1 transportation hub. This location is not hard to find after leaving arrival halls. Passenger will have to inform the counter on the destination where charges would be determined and paid. The colour of the counter will determine the type of taxi being booked.

budget taxi


Coupon/Budget Taxi

Once travelers inform the destination and make the payment, where a coupon will be issued. Proceed to “Door 4”to line up, and wait for the Budget Taxi. When the “Red “taxi arrives, kindly pass the coupon to the taxi driver so he will know the destination that you are going


Metered Taxi

Proceed to the metered taxi counter and purchase the coupon for RM2.00. Exit from “Door 4” and wait in line for the Metered Taxi. Pass the coupon to the taxi driver to begin the taxi meter from klia2 to the preferred destination. The final taxi fare is based on what’s displayed on the taxi meter monitor plus the toll charges, if any.


Premier Taxi

These are the ‘Blue’ taxis that are slightly more expensive compared to the coupon taxi& metered taxi. Charges are roughly doubled when compared to budget taxi at Klia2. However this taxi is larger in size and more comfortable which makes is suitable for family or a group.

To check the Klia2 taxi rate


What to avoid on Klia2 ?

It is best to avoid unlicensed taxi at Klia2 especially those that requires price negotiation and hagging. Please take note that public taxis are only allowed to drop off passengers at Klia2. They are not allowed to take passengers from Klia2. You should be taking taxi from the official booth in Klia2. Uber and Grab are great choices if you are on a tight budget.

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