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Traveling with a budget airline has been a growing trend among us Malaysians recently, so let’s not forget that budget flights are all departing from KLIA2 now. So typically when I drive to KLIA2, I will head to the Gateway@KLIA2 and drop off the travelers as it’s more convenient to place the luggage on the trolley instead of pushing the trolley from the car park to departing hall. You are allowed to stop to drop off the travelers so take your time.  KLIA2 official parking is connected with main KLIA2 building.

There are no need to go through the hot weather or rain. However a passenger will have to take lifts when going to or from the main KLIA2 building.

Gateway@KLIA2 is strategically located between the drop-off and KLIA2 Main Terminal Building. KLIA2 has a 2 blocks 8-storey car park that directly adjoins the Main Terminal, and accommodates over 6,490 vehicles including motorcycles. The parking bay is fully covered and equipped with surveillance cameras. You will also notice guards circling the area on motorcycles to ensure the safety are maintained.

I prefer to park at Block B parking and drive towards the closest lift and head towards level 4 which brings you to the lobby. The parking area is spacious and there is allocation for disabled-friendly driver and hybrid cars as well. Ironically I have spotted some non-hybrid cars parked In the hybrid car parking. There is also parking allocation for 800 motorcycles.

For Touch n Go users, make sure your balance is not less than RM20.00. There is a 10% commission applicable when you are using Touch n Go. Autopay machines are located on levels 1, 4 and 7. Please make sure you have small change as the machines do not take notes above RM50.00.

Duration  Parking rate
First One (1) hour to Third (3) hours RM4.00 per hour
Fourth (4) hours to Sixth (6) hours RM3.00 per hour
Seventh (7) hours to Ninth (9) hours RM3.00 per hour
Tenth (10) hours and Above RM2.00 per hour
Daily Maximum Rate   RM46.00 per day
Motorcycles RM1.00 per entry
Lost Ticket  RM50.00 per day

* Inclusive of 6% GST Tax


As of August. KLIA2 has lowered it’s rate for long term parking. This would be very good to travelers who wants the convenient to park at KLIA2. If you park long term, the day 4 charge would start from RM 20 onwards


klia2 hybrid parking

Besides parking for disabled, Hybrid cars will also enjoy special privilege with special allocated parking space nearer to departure and arrival halls.


If you are a frequent flyer and plan to park your vehicle in KLIA2 to travel, you can consider “Long Term Car Park” area which provides a shuttle bus to the KLIA/KLIA2 airports at a 15-minute interval. The parking rate atLTCP is RM2.50 for an hour or RM32 per day, while motorcycle will be charged only RM1 per entry.

Cheap parking for longer periods


You may also consider parking at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan which charges you RM3.00 a day for parking fee. From TBS, you can take the KLIA Transit from the Bandar Tasik Selatan station to KLIA2 for RM26.50 per trip, or the Jetbus to KLIA2 for RM8.00 per trip.

Putrajaya Sentral

KLIA2 users can consider parking at Putrajaya Sentral at RM 5 per day or RM 35 per week while taking a bus to Klia2 for RM 10 per trip. There is also a KLIA transit to KLIA from Putrajay Sentral at RM 6.2 per person. Putrajaya Sentral is located approximately 30KM from KLIA2.


EhailingApp such as Uber/Grab is probably one of the cheapest way for anyone to get to KLIA/KLIA2.

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