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Travelling is usually fun, but waiting at airports can be a real drag, especially if you’re not unwinding in one of KLIA2’s cosy lounges. KLIA2 is the new terminal for budget carriers flying in or out of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s largest budget airline AirAsia moved its operations from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to Klia2 on May 9th 2014. This article features two brand new lounges in Klia2 – The Plaza Premium Lounge and the Sama-Sama Express Lounge.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, airport lounges are an oasis away from the chaos and a great chance to relax and prepare for your travels ahead.The mind-numbing check-in times at airports together with the stringent security checks, and the usual possibility of delayed flights means that your travelling experience often starts with a long wait at the airport. Thankfully there’s an alternative to frenzied, crowded departure halls – relaxing airport lounges. Lounges offer a wide variety of services that will make your long wait at the airport relaxing, enjoyable and pleasant. There are currently to lounges operating at Klia2. Both of these lounge are opened 24 hours daily

Plaza Premium Lounge 2

Plaze Premium Lounge

Enter a world of luxury and comfort, and unwind in the Plaza Premium Lounge. The spacious lounge has an impressive 7500 square feet coverage area of marbled floors and comfortable sofa seating (which can seat up to 215 passengers at one time).You can enjoy the amazing view of the airport runway and see the planes take off while sipping on some coffee. At night the view is pretty as well with its magnificent array of lights along the runway.

plaza premium lounge

Some of the services that the Plaza Premium Lounge boasts are VIP rooms (private rooms with shower), massage, shower amenities, high speed Wi-Fi/internet station, food, beverage, lounge, and newspapers and magazines. The extensive food menu includes dished like chicken biryani with basmati rice and Hakka pan mee (flat noodles) at a self-service buffet counter. You can choose a pass that is valid for 3, 6, or 12 hours depending on the length of time you need.

KLIA2 is huge, but the Plaza Premium Lounge is not hard to find. When you get off the Aerotrain, go towards your left and head to Gate C-12. After you pass the gate, you will see a bubble lift. Take the lift to the first floor and then turn right to walk to the entrance of the lounge.



Sama Sama Express Lounge

The Sama-Sama Express Lounge is a state-of-the art lounge that caters to all types of travellers. The welcoming lounge operates from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Enjoy the stunning view of the airfield and be captivated by the view whilst sipping on some coffee or tea. Alternatively, relax and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings on the high definition large format display television.

same same express klia2
The Sama-Sama Lounge facilities include a buffet meal, shower and meeting facilities. The packages range from 3 hours to overnight usage to meet the travelling requirements of all guests. The lounge is located on Level 2 (international departures) next to Gate L8.
The introductory offer rate for the Sama-Sama Express Lounge is RM88++ per person inclusive of:
• Access to lounge with meals, juices, coffee/tea, soft drinks, beer and wine
• Usage of shower facilities including towel and amenities
• Usage of computers, printers, scanners and fax services.
• Complimentary wireless internet access
Regardless of which airlines you are using, KLIA2’s Plaza Premium Lounge and Sama-Sama Express Lounge cater to the needs of all types of travellers. Get a fresh start on your travels with KLIA2’s new airport lounges.

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