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Getting to KLIA2 KLIA using UBER/GRAB

Note: Both Uber and Grab are still in the process of being legalized in Malaysia. There are very little risks of taking such services however both services are cheapest as compared to Taxis.

Great news, Uber and Grab services are also operating from and to KLIA2 or KLIA. As of 2017 , the prices of both services from KLIA2 starts at RM 65 for areas in Klang Valley There should be ample of drivers to get you to KLIA2 even at odd morning hours. You can get both of these services from and to KLIA2 at an amazing price.  At peak hours, there are few hundred drivers waiting for passengers leaving from KLIA2.

As for Uber , you can use your existing rider App if you are an Internatioal Uber rider. As for Grab , You will need to download Grab app from Google Playstore. Only Android support is available for Grab. Drivers from both of these companies use their own personal cars and payments can be made using either a credit card or cash.  There are abundant drivers from both providers services from KLIA/KLIA2 to various destination across Klang Valley and it’s surrounding cities

Similar to most international airports found around the world, KLIA2 is located rather far from the city centre and suburbs. Hence, getting a normal taxi to get to KLIA2 will cost a lot of money. It is located 60 kilometres away from KL Sentral. Fortunately for us, there are other additional options such as UBER and GRAB to choose from in order to get the best value of our money.



Uber Technologies Inc. is an American-based multinational online transportation company. The Uber app allows the rider to request for a trip and that request will be sent to the Uber driver that is located nearest to the rider and the driver will be given the location of the rider. The duration to take a UBER from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is about 49 minutes There are also additional toll charges to be included in the fare. You will have to pay RM3.50 for the Putrajaya Toll and another RM4.30 for the KLIA toll. The estimated fare without including the above mentioned additional amounts for tolls for using UberX is around RM87 to 88. An estimated fare for using UberXL is around RM122 to RM123. A request with UberBLACK will cost you around RM212 to RM213. Uber does not allow pre-book unlike normal taxis so this option is only advisable if you happen to be in an area where there are lots of Uber drivers. The good thing about UBER is that it does not impose additional charges for midnight rides so this is ideal if you are planning to fly off late or early hours in the morning.

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Similar to UBER, Grabcar is another app that allows you to request for a ride to KLIA2 using your smartphone. This service is only currently available around Klang Valley, Hartamas areas, KL City Centre and Mont Kiara. It is also based on a fixed rate basis and the fixed rate is calculated based on the distance between pick-up, drop-off points and estimated travelling time. The duration to take a GRAB from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is about 49 minutes too. You will also need to pay the same toll charges mentioned above. An estimated fair excluding the additional charges for the economical Grabcar is around RM80 to RM110 and a more premium version offering known as Grabcar+ will cost you a fixed rate of RM200. GRAB also do not impose additional charges for midnight rides.

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