KLIA 2 is the new proposed new low cost carrier that will replace the current LCCT ( Low Cost Carrier) which has far being over it’s capacity. The new terminal is touted the new generation hub started operating on 2nd May 2014.  All low cost carriers will be flying from KLIA2 before the end of June 2014.  KLIA2 is approximately around 47km from Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia.


Initially, AirAsia planned to setup a low cost carrier hub near Labu east. However under government negotiation,  KLIA2 was proposed by MAHB as a replacement to the previously over capacity LCCT.  The initial budget of RM 2 billion has over runned to RM 4 billion while it’s completion has been delayed for several years.  KLIA2 has finally started it’s operation on 2nd of May , 2014.


This new terminal is built at a whopping cost of roughly RM 4 billion with facilities such as aero bride, departure gates, remote stands. The terminal sits around a built up area of approximately 260,000 acres of land. The new terminal is able to accommodate 45 million passengers yearly with upgradable option in the future.  The terminal is eco friendly designed thus this allow low consumption of electricity.

Unlike LCCT, the new KLIA2 will also be connected to ERL(Express Rail Link) that enables commuters to travel directly to heart of Kuala Lumpur with ease.  KLIA2 comes with all possible public transportations such as Taxis  and Buses.

There are also existing accommodation in KLIA2 such as Malaysia’s first Capsule hotel, Tune hotels and Samasame express hotel KLIA2.

Currently, KLIA2 is being used by low cost carriers such as AirAsia, AirAsia X,  CebuAir, TigerAir, MalindoAir and LionAir.


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